Repartiendo salud


About Us

The GAUTEX group was founded in 2002. Its corporate purpose consists on the distribution, marketing and manufacturing of sanitary products for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, with a significant presence in the European market.

The group is composed of 2 companies:

  • GAUTEX MEDICA S.L as a distribution and marketing unit for medical and pharmaceutical products.
  • TESTIMO PHARMA S.L as a production unit for the manufacturing of sanitary and pharmaceutical products.

Both companies of the group comply with all the international standards of quality, being certified and audited by the notifying org. nº 0120 SGS.

Obtaining also both ISO 13485: 2013 and ISO 9001: 2008 certifications.

In the case of the production unit TESTIMO PHARMA S.L, it also has the CE Certificate in accordance with Directive 93/42 / EEC, issued by the same notifying org. nº 0120 SGS.

The philosophy of our company GAUTEX MEDICA is to offer the best sanitary and pharmaceutical products with the maximum guarantees for patients and users, guaranteeing exhaustive quality controls in each one of the products that we manufacture or commercialize in EUROPE. For that reason we can affirm as our slogan indicates that our work consists in "distributing health".

GAUTEX MEDICA S.L is composed of a young, enterprising and concerned team to offer a professional service to its clients.

Our team works with the ambition to ensure that the people we are dealing with trust in what we do, thus creating the basis for lasting collaborations.

In summary: QUALITY, CONFIDENCE, PROFESSIONALITY AND INNOVATION are the words that best define us and our modus operandi.